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Canine Parainfluenza

The canine parainfluenza virus is one of several pathogens that cause infectious tracheobronchitis, or “kennel cough”, as it is also known. An important disease in dogs that normally affects young, unvaccinated animals. However, this virus can also act together with other pathogens causing more serious systemic diseases.


Most of the time, the infection is restricted to the respiratory tract, causing an acute limiting tracheobronchitis. The most evident clinical signs are a productive or not cough, mild or very loud; and fever. Other signs may be associated in the case of joint infection with another agent or according to the general condition and immunity of the affected animal.


It is an extremely infectious virus, and can be transmitted by aerosols from one infected animal to another or by direct contact with the contaminated environment. However, this virus does not persist long in the environment.


In many cases, as it is a self-limiting disease, drug therapy may not be necessary, however, only the Veterinarian responsible for the diagnosis can make the best indication. Some animals need therapy because they are more severe, requiring symptomatic treatment.

To prevent it, just vaccinate your puppy with Elevencell Vac 11 correctly following the application of the initial doses for puppies, maintaining the annual booster. Canine parainfluenza is just one of the diseases that the vaccine will protect against. Give the care and protection your puppy needs.