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Canine distemper is a very serious infectious disease caused by a virus, which mainly affects younger dogs, unvaccinated animals or with an incomplete immunization protocol. However, the virus can affect animals of any race, sex or age. It is a multisystemic disease, capable of causing clinical signs throughout the body. Despite this, the severity of the disease and the death of the affected animals are related to neurological injuries.


The transmission of distemper occurs by direct contact, that is, the infected animal eliminates the virus through its excretions and secretions. Thus, the animal that is not yet infected contracts the disease by being in the same environment and having contact with urine, feces, saliva, toys and contaminated objects.


The clinical signs are varied. They may show respiratory, gastrointestinal, ophthalmic, dermatological and neurological signs, including: vomiting, diarrhea, anorexia, depression, cough, pustules (pus bubbles) in the abdomen, hyperkeratosis of the cushions, hypoplasia of the dental enamel, conjunctivitis and other eye infections. The neurological signs depend on the region affected by the virus, but myoclonus, seizures and paralysis are among them. According to the state of the animal and the progression of the disease, it may die.


The treatment of distemper is supportive, that is, there is no specific medication for the distemper virus, it is necessary to treat all symptoms presented by the animal. The positive response to treatment is directly linked to the animal’s immune status and the speed the treatment is initiated by the Veterinarian.

The best prevention is vaccination and correctly following all the puppy’s immunization protocol and annual reinforcements. In addition to distemper, the Elevencell vaccine protects against other very important diseases. Provide the care and protection your puppy needs.