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Canine Leptospirosis

Leptospirosis is an infectious disease caused by bacteria. It is a zoonosis that can infect several species, including man. It has several serovars, however, only a few have been described as causing the disease in dogs.


Leptospirosis normally triggers lesions in the liver and kidneys, which most often causes apathy, fever, dehydration, jaundice, abdominal pain, vomiting with the presence of blood, diarrhea (which can be hemorrhagic), red spots on the skin or dark colored urine. However, clinical signs may vary depending on the animal’s immune status and the infecting serovar.


Leptospires can survive in the environment if there are adequate pH, temperature and humidity conditions; which ends up causing seasons of greater contagion in seasons with heat and high rainfall, such as summer. In it, water infected by urine and tissues from infected animals can be a form of transmission. In addition to contaminated water, other sources such as food contaminated with urine from infected animals or contaminated environments serve as a means of infection.


The treatment of the disease consists of antibiotic therapy because it is caused by a bacterium. Leptospires are sensitive to a wide variety of antibiotics, the Veterinarian’s choice being the most appropriate. In addition, supportive therapy for clinical signs is essential for the complete recovery of the animal.

To prevent it, just vaccinate your puppy with Elevencell Vac 11 correctly following the application of the initial doses for puppies, maintaining the annual booster. Canine leptospirosis is just one of the diseases that the vaccine will protect against. Give the care and protection your puppy needs.