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Canine Coronavirus Disease

Coronavirus is a viral disease transmitted by canine Coronavirus. It is characterized by enteritis, that is, an intestinal infection. It can affect animals of all ages. However, young animals are more affected. Coronavirus is often confused with parvovirus, as both can affect the animal together, increasing morbidity and mortality. However, coronavirus is less severe than parvovirus enteritis.


The clinical signs of coronavirus are similar to those of parvovirus, however they are less severe. Apathy, anorexia, vomiting, diarrhea that will rarely be hemorrhagic and will hardly progress to septicemia or death of the affected animal.


The transmission of coronavirus is directly by contact with secretions and excretions from contaminated animals, that is, a healthy animal comes into contact with the feces, environment or toys of an infected animal, contracting the disease. For this reason, cleaning the environment and isolating sick animals is extremely important.


The treatment is similar to the treatment adopted in other cases of enteritis, without having a specific medication for the virus. Treatment is supportive for all symptoms presented. As in other viruses, the animal must be isolated from healthy animals to prevent spreading the disease and to gain all the attention and support necessary to improve the clinical condition.

To prevent it, just vaccinate your puppy with Elevencell Vac 11 correctly following the application of the initial doses for puppies, maintaining the annual booster. Coronavirus is just one of the diseases that the vaccine will protect. Give the care and protection your puppy needs.